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Bettencourt Fisheries is a family owned and operated business that is the culmination of more than 100 years of commercial fishing experience. Father and Son, David and Geoff Bettencourt grew up fishing with their grandfathers and fathers, who grew up fishing with theirs. Geoff is the fourth generation of his family to fish out of Pillar Point Harbor in Half Moon Bay and along with his dad, is currently the owner and operator of the fishing vessel Moriah Lee.

Though the Bettencourt family is deeply rooted in tradition and old school honor that has spanned a century, the family business has also adapted over the years by upgrading vessels, rebuilding the Moriah Lee and venturing into new fisheries. Few changes to the business have been more significant than Geoff's pioneering partnerships with environmental groups. Although Geoff started out heavily invested in the bottom trawl fishery, with his dads support, he has taken the business in a new direction by embracing sustainable fishing and undergoing a major gear shift to environmentally friendly traps. The Bettencourts realize that at 40 years old, Geoff has many years of fishing ahead of him and the only way to both protect the resource and secure his family's future is to combine that old school honor & wisdom with a progressive modern approach to the future of fishing.

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Dungeness Crab
(market crab, San Francisco crab)


Washington, USA
0 lbs
(black cod, butterfish, gindara)


California, USA
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