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Azuma Foods - Canada Co., Ltd.
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Established in Yokkaichi City, Mie, Japan in 1966, Azuma Foods (Canada) Co., Ltd is a distributor, processor, and wholesaler of Canadian caught seafood. Celebrating their 15th anniversary at their Richmond, British Columbia location, a convenient gateway to Asia, the United States, and Europe, the 31,000 square foot manufacturing facility of Azuma Foods (Canada) is surrounded by the great natural beauty of Canada. With a mission of bringing good health and prosperity to the people of the world through innovation, safe, and reliable food products, Azuma Foods (Canada) has celebrated success in North America and beyond.

Using Japanese cuisine as their primary inspiration, Azuma Foods (Canada) develops new tastes and products, adhering to their principle of “Developing a New Food Culture Experience”. Relying heavily on customer feedback to drive their product development, they create inventive ʻfusionsʼ of Asian (East) food culture with Western food culture to create an ‘East meets West’ product line of fresh and value-added seafood products. As a member of the Azuma Foods Group, Azuma Foods (Canada) continues to expand their company to deliver new, high-quality, safe, and reliable products for their customers and further contribute to the development of the global food culture.

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British Columbia, Canada
Purse Seine
0 lbs
( Japanese kelp, Asian kelp, apron-ribbon vegetable, ito-wakame, kizami-wakame, qundai-cai, nambu wakame, miyeok)


British Columbia, Canada
0 lbs