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Atlantic Sapphire LLC was built on a vision to create what the seafood industry believed was impossible — to raise environmentally friendly Atlantic salmon. Guided by innovation and driven by their passion for sustainable change, Atlantic Sapphire has created the world’s first sustainable Atlantic salmon brand. Their cutting-edge Oceanus concept provides ideal living conditions to optimize salmon growth while removing negative impacts to the environment. The future of sustainably-raised Atlantic salmon has now arrived.

Atlantic salmon, once a thriving fish in the Atlantic Ocean, is now no more. Atlantic Sapphire’s Oceanus system recreates a sustainable living environment for Atlantic salmon inland. A recirculating body of purified water raises their Atlantic Sapphire salmon to re-establish Oceanus, the once home of this highly nutritious, premium fish. Their inland Oceanus aquaculture system protects the environment while reducing Atlantic Sapphire’s dependence on natural resources by optimizing energy and water use using renewable sources and by undertaking their own recycling. 

The Atlantic Sapphire brand is quickly becoming known for premium quality and unsurpassable sustainability as its the first of its kind in the world. Along with the transfer of knowledge and expertise, Atlantic Sapphire has a successful go-to-market business strategy and a trusted brand that you are able to leverage off of and trust.

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