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Anova Food, LLC
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Anova Food, LLC is the top sushi quality tuna company in America.  It has become a leader in the global sourcing of wild caught and farmed raised fin fish.  Anova Food, LLC customers include multi-unit restaurant chains, food retailers, distributors, and value-added processors.

Anova Food, LLC has been a leader with their corporate commitment to social and environmental responsibility to ensure a healthy supply of fish for future generations.  USAID has recognized the successful results of Anova's fishery improvement projects in Indonesia and has recently awarded a grant to significantly expand its efforts.  The "Fishing and Living" program promotes sustainable fisheries and enhanced conditions for fishing communities.  Anova has completed MSC pre-assessments and are engaged in active and credible fishery improvement projects (FIPs) with the ultimate goal of achieving MSC certification for our key tuna supply fisheries.

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Fair Trade Certified
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International Pole & Line Foundation (IPNLF)
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Truck delivery available via common carrier nationwide. Product pick-up available at cold storage facilities in Miami and Seattle. Minimum orders of 200 lbs for pick-up and 1000 lbs for delivery.

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Yellowfin Tuna
200 lbs