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Founded in 2001 in one of Alaska’s most remote regions, Aleutia is a community-based non-profit organization made up of local fishing families and shaped by a distinct wild salmon run that has been part of Aleut Native tradition for generations. With help from the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation (AFDF), Aleutia was created to share the best of the traditional ocean harvest, and tell the story of the region and the families therein. Recognized as one of the highest quality salmon on the market today, Aleutia salmon are harvested at sea by fishermen who take pride in the fish they offer. Each salmon is individually handled, bled, and immediately chilled to maintain the highest possible quality, without any added antibiotics, colors, or other additives. Aleut families hand-select every salmon, and inspectors ensure that each fish is up to standard. New, precise on-deck temperature monitoring systems ensure every fish is continuously chilled at the optimum temperature from sea to processing room, preserving the flavor and freshness every time.

Aleutia is committed to environmental sustainability and the highest quality fishing methods. They work closely with fisheries managers and harvesters to minimize bycatch and overfishing, putting the environment first. Profits from sales of their all-natural products roll back in community enhancement projects in the local remote villages, and a portion of the seafood harvest is donated annually to local schools to ensure all local children receive at least one healthy meal per school day.

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Sockeye Salmon
(red salmon, blueback, redfish)


Alaska, USA
200 lbs