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AGE Lobster Inc.

Situated in the “lobster capital of Canada,” AGE Lobster Inc. is a live lobster buyer, shipper, and wholesaler. 

AGE Lobster Inc. is dedicated to shipping high-quality, live lobsters worldwide at low prices. Located in Shelburne County, Nova Scotia, AGE Lobster Inc. buys their lobsters right off the boat from local fishermen. Shelburne County lands more lobsters than any other part of Canada – accounting for over a third of the lobster landings in Canada each year. This ensures that AGE Lobster Inc. has a continuous supply of fresh lobsters year round.

AGE Lobster Inc. has over 30,000 lbs. of live lobster holding capacity. Lobsters are stored in individual trays with refrigerated water and are shipped live worldwide. All lobsters are packed in-house and AGE Lobster Inc. offers different types of packaging to best meet their customer’s needs. AGE Lobster Inc. partners with logistics companies to ensure their lobsters are shipped in the most cost and time-effective way. They currently offer airfreight to Europe and Asia and trucking to Canada and the United States. AGE Lobster Inc. is continually growing and acquiring new export destinations and ensures 100 percent customer satisfaction. 

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Air-freight available in the United States and Canada. Truck delivery available in the United States and Canada as well. Export services available worldwide.  

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American Lobster


Nova Scotia, Canada
200 lbs