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Acuacultura Integral de Baja California SA

Acuacultura Integral has more than 40 years experience growing and producing such as clams, mussels, and oysters in the Mexican state of Baja California. The company is constantly looking for new and better aquaculture practices and standards to improve their operations. Acuacultura Integral respects and preserves the environment, believing this amplifies the recognition of not only the quality, but the sustainability of their products. The company adheres to the strict requirements and regulations of the market. Their processes are on par with international producers which allows them to offer exceptional quality, safety, and flavor in their shellfish products Acuacultura Integral de Baja California is a subsidiary of Baja Shellfish Farms.

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Frilled Venus Clams


Baja California, Mexico
Hand Gathered
Mediterranean Mussels
(European mussel)


Baja California Norte, Mexico
0 lbs
Pacific Oysters
(Japanese oyster)


Baja California Norte, Mexico
0 lbs