White Shrimp from Western Seafood

White Shrimp from Texas

Scientific Name : (Lito) Penaeus setiferous
Buying Guide: White Shrimp
Product Forms: 
  • Tails (butterflied) 8/12 count
  • Tails (butterflied) 13/15 count
  • Tails (butterflied) 16/20 count
  • Tails (butterflied) 21/25 count
  • Tails (butterflied) 26/30 count
  • Tails (butterflied) 31/40 count
  • Tails (butterflied) 41/50 count
  • Tails (butterflied) 51/60 count
  • Tails (butterflied) 61/70 count
  • Tails (shell on) 31/35 count
  • Tails (shell on) 36/40 count
  • Tails (shell on) 41/50 count
  • Tails (shell on) 51/60 count
  • Tails (shell on) 61/70 count
  • Tails (shell on) 71/80 count
  • Tails (shell on) 81/90 count
  • Tails (shell on) 91/100 count
Minimum order: 
0 lbs
Product packs : 
10x5lb block
Seasonal Availability: 
Overnight Delivery: 
Distribution Notes: 

Overnight delivery available via FedEx, Common Carrier

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Method & Origin: 
  • Wild
  • Trawl
  • Texas, USA
Sustainability Ratings / Scores: 
Seafood Watch Seafood Watch- Good Alternative "Seafood Watch- Good Alternative"
SeaChoice SeaChoice- Some Concerns "SeaChoice- Some Concerns"
Ocean Wise Ocean Wise- Not Recommended "Ocean Wise- Not Recommended"
The Safina Center The Safina Center- Yellow "The Safina Center- Yellow"
NOAA FSSI Score NOAA FSSI- 4 out of 4 "NOAA FSSI- 4 out of 4"
Company Name: 
Western Seafood Co., Inc.
Industry Activity: 

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