Become a FishChoice Business Member’s unique  sustainable seafood platform aggregates information from the leading sustainable seafood organizations into resources designed for businesses. We list companies and their seafood sources on the website and then add the sustainability information from our partners. Businesses that buy seafood join for free through a simple registration process that provides instant access to sales contacts at hundreds of seafood companies.

  Why Join?

  FishChoice Business Member is increasingly becoming the most in-depth resource for seafood company and product information anywhere. As a FishChoice Business Member you have access to detailed seafood company profile and product information matched with up-to-date sustainability information for over 500 companies, 3,000 products, and approximately 300 species of seafood.

   Your membership joins you to a commmunity of nearly 4,000 seafood professionals. These professionals include individuals from industry, government, academia, and NGOs. Your participation on contributes to raising awareness of the importance of sustainable seafood. By joining you are demonstrating that you value the importance of environmentally-responsible seafood production. 

types of FishChoice Business Members

  • Chefs and independent restaurants
  • Large restaurant chains
  • Independent grocers
  • Retail chain stores
  • Broadline distributors and wholesalers
  • Speciality seafood distributors
  • Environmental NGOs
  • Academic insititutions
  • Interested private individuals

Member benefits

  • Free access to the only website dedicated to providing businesses with up-to-date aggregated sustainable seafood information from around the world.
  • Instant access to over 500 sales contacts at seafood companies with sustainable seafood products
  • Instant access to "My FishChoice" - learn more
  • Subscription to FishChoice’s weekly sustainable seafood e-newsletter with updates on sustainable seafood assessments, new content on, information on the most important developments in sustainable seafood, links to news, events, and jobs.
  • Display your FishChoice Community Membership on your organization’s website as an indicator of your support and/or commitment to sustainable seafood (optional)
  • Members-only opportunities to engage and/or participate in efforts supporting seafood improvements (optional), learn more here
  • Coming soon: Inclusion in FishChoice’s online community directory (optional)
  • All of FishChoice's resources including seafood guides, industry resources, and more. Download our member program flyer for full details